3 juni 2011

My New Kitchen...

So, here´s a little a sneak peek of what is going on in my newly renovated kitchen...
I´ve bought a bunch of black frames, photos and fabric that will dress it up a little bit. Some of them will be put on the walls, others will be standing on the floor...

My auction finds- The old English stage lighting has set the theme in this area and I just feel this corner of my kitchen was made for- The Marcel Breuer 'Wassily chair'.

Both are without a doubt some of my absolute favourite items here at home

Happy Friday Everyone!



9 kommentarer:

  1. Good gracious ~ this is going to be interesting. Trust you to do something so creative and stylish Tina! Hope you have a gorgeous weekend.

  2. I had my trip to Ikea last weekend and bought up big on frames also. My hubby thinks me weird as I hang the frames and THEN work out what goes in them. He thinks the rest of the world puts the pics in first and then works out where to hang the frame.

    My thinking is that once the frame is up and in position, only then can I work out if it needs a photo, some words, something solid or something light.

    Please tell me you understand my logic?

    I can't wait to see your pics when you have them (-:

  3. Watch out -- I am coming over to Sweden to steal everything in this photo.

  4. Tina, just left a comment but I'm not sure if you received it. The image looks great. Love b&w photos and the little bit of Bohemian. Can't wait to see more. I'm going to meet my old slassmates tonight. Happy to be in Bulgaria. BIG hugs

    p.s.: the stage lighting looks so cool! wonderful idea

  5. Thanks for the sneak peak, Tina! I love all the black and white. Plus that stage lighting and chair are totally fabulous!

  6. Tina it looks fantastic!
    I love the frames (IKEA is the best!) and can't wait to see them filled with gorgeous art.

    Please tell us more about that typographical art piece in the background. It looks great..1

    Looking forward to more pictures.

    Stora kramar

    xx Charlotta

  7. You have me wanting more. The chair is fantastic. I love the idea of pictures leaning on the floor. So chic!

  8. It's going to look very stylish and sophisticated. Can't wait to see more!

  9. Your Ikea Kitchen renovation sounds exciting. I'm postponing mine for next summer! Crossing my fingers on that one. And I agree with Charlotta, your frames from Ikea look great in the background. Love Ikea!!

    I'm now following you.
    Rambles with Reese