21 apr. 2011

More of Grey Gardens...

Ever since I posted the story of Grey Gardens(last Sunday) I´ve found myself thinking about the two Edies and their life story. It have touched me so deep and I feel hungry to find out more about this. I even dream about them at night!

I felt especially curious to find out more about Little Edie, whom I felt was truly a victim of this whole situation.
I feel so fascinated by this down below photo of Edie as a young and beautiful(!) woman. She is so well dressed and I have such problems getting this whole picture toghether. My research on her background story actually made me even more confused!
Here´s what I found out about Little Edie via the blog 'Maya and Ruhi'.

This is Edie Bouvier Beale. Born in 1917, straight into the echelons of American high society, to privileged parents Phelan Beale, a respected lawyer, and Edie Ewing Bouvier Beale a gorgeous socialite from the aristocratic Bouvier clan.

Little Edie started a flourishing modelling career at 17, while Big Edie pursued her break into a singing career.

The mother and daughter pair were extremely close, and were a staple of the New York social scene. Wherever they went, they were received as VVIPS, and were highly respected for their social graces, fashionable good tastes, and pure fabulous-ness.
Well, who would have thought!?

Little Edie went on to appear in the pages of Vogue, and was to move away to pursue a singing and dancing career in New York City, when she was discouraged by her mother. Big Edie just could not imagine life without her daughter. And with that, they slowly ebbed away from the limelight..

Little Edie truly had a successfull life in the fashion and entertainment industry in front of her. This was also something she felt very passionate about and she had it all going in the right direction. Life must have made an enourmous u-turn on her though...

The years went by and noone heard about Little Edie and her mother until they suddenly several years later reappeared, headlining the National Enquirer and New York Times no less. Not as the celebutantes as they were remembered, but as hermetic recuses living in a world of their own, in their dilapidated 28-room mansion called Grey Gardens...

The gardens now were grossly overgrown, and the house was a shadow of its former self, completely run-down, with no running water, broken floorboards, and even a small tree growing into the walls of one of the rooms.

Last seen in public Edie was a true beauty looking like this. Now several years later this down below news paper photo shows a much older Edie, still very careful of her looks and appearance though. In the glimpses I´ve seen on youtube of the documentary of Green Gardens from 1975 I feel her strong passion for fashion, dancing and singing. It´s quite obvious she never gave up dreaming!

A glimpse from the 1975 Documentary...

I will end this post with a photo of Little Edie standing on the porch of Grey Gardens. Probably taken years before the place began to slowly demolish. Oh, I absolutely love this photo, it shows that this girl belonged in a whole different world than the one she ended up living! It´s the sadest thing!

Today little Edie is seen as a true style icon and her personal style have made a huge impact on many people working in this area. Myself know nothing about fashion, but can totally understand the mark this woman left behind. I feel inspired and fascinated by her in so many ways!!!


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  1. Jag har oxå blivit helt tagen av dessa två kvinnor, mor, dotter.....Man undrar vad som hände, eller hur och varför...?
    Jag har nu läst endel om denna historia, men ändå förundrad....? Fortsätter nog, för jag tycker detta var intressant....:)

    EN GLAD PÅSK, från huset brevid...:)
    KRAMAR i massor, Cia:)

  2. What really happened? So bizarre.

    Nu staenger jag butiken och njuter av en laang-helg.

    Paask-kramar till dig och gubben!


  3. Precis som för dig, har dessa två kvinnor konstans funnits i mima tankar. Tack för ett ytterligare inlägg om den, då jag fått veta lite mer om dem. SKa senare, när tid finns forska mera kring dem och försöka få tag på dokumentären. Måste veta mer om deras och husets öde.

    Ha en fin påsk och vila och njut ordentligt. Låter som att du behöver det. Kramar Jenny

  4. Hej hej!

    Nu har armbandet varit i Tasmanien!
    Faktiskt nastan over hela on!! :)

    Har haft en fantastisk vecka - kom tillbaks vid lunch idag.

    Har ingen som helst inspiration att blogga.. Far ta sats lite senare i veckan.

    Ser fram emot fortsattningen pa detta.. Har du sett filmen annu?


    xx C

    P.S. Hur ar det med Peaches? Battre hoppas jag.
    Undrar ocksa hur det ar med mamma.. Orkar du skriva?

  5. Hi Tina,
    This is truly a unique and interesting story. It's exciting that your business is flourishing, but i know it can be overwhelming too. I hope that all is well with you too my dear friend. Thinking of you...XX

  6. I remember the National Enquirer story when it came out. No one could understand why Jackie Kennedy would not help. She took a lot of flack in the press for that and eventually was shamed into "donating" $32,000 to help clean the place up. A mere pittance when you recall that she was married to one of the richest men in the world at the time, Aristotle Onasis.

    What happened to these two women can be simply explained. It's called mental illness and it makes no distinction between the poor or the wealthy. Big Edie was always "eccentric" if you will. It is tragic, but you can see examples of this condition on an American television show called "Hoarders".