19 mars 2011

Words Of Wisdom...

After spending 40 minutes laying down on my yoga mat- trying to find some inner peace- The Law of Attraction brought me this...
I could nothing but pass it foward to you guys!

Please take a moment, sit back and Enjoy this Inspirational Quote Movie!


'Life´s not about waiting
for the storm to pass...
It´s about learning to
dance in the rain!'

Oh My, I find these above words to be quite powerful!
Think about it for a little while!

Hoping you All are having a fantastic weekend!


4 kommentarer:

  1. "...and I give thanks" to you, Tina!

    b e a u t i f u l!


  2. Great reminders to us all, Tina...thanks!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~

  3. Beautiful and so true. The Japanese say we should study the bamboo tree. It never breaks. It let's the wind ruffle the foliage but it doesn't break. It bend with the wind.

    Big hugs
    Charlotta xx

  4. Tina, You always seem to know exactly what i need and this short video just fed my soul with these brilliant and wise words. it's been so hectic lately, so i really needed this. Thanks for sharing the inspiration! Hugs! XX