5 mars 2011


cop·y·cat [kop-ee-kat]

a person or thing that copies, imitates, mimics, or followsfthe lead of another...

In November 2009 I was going through the lastest issue of the Swedish ELLE INTERIOR magazine. Somewhere in the middle this amazing home appeared for my eyes and I was instantly hooked, you could almost say obsessed:).
The home belongs to the creators behind the famous Danish brand DAY Birger et Mikkelsen and I absolutely love every detail in this apartment, every piece of furniture, the color on the walls etc. etc.

Ever since I´ve had this place in my head, being aware there were something about it that talked to me in a very special way. I just knew this was the look I was going for in my living and dining room area.
I then started to make plans and when I stumbled upon a black cabinet(with similarities to the one down below) I bought it straight off.

You could say I got well started on it and i felt very happy about finally finding the inspiration and some of the the basic elements on how to successfully decorate my own place

Then, after a while, my confusion over not really knowing what my personal style was really all about(most of you know about my struggles on this subject by now!) and I started to questioning if this look was really representing 'Me'?
What about the modern classics that I love, what about my Mondrian posters, would they really fit with this particular style

I just couldn´t get it all together and stopped making more plans and buys for my living- and dining room area.
Today the black cabinet still stands there, waiting for something to happen...and so only a few days ago something made me curious about looking at this home once again. During my Style Searching I realised my personal style was very eclectic and that my home would have to be a mix of different styles and looks from different eras...

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Again, I was falling in love with this stylish yet quite bohemian home, now feeling a lot more certain this is what I want but also knowing on a much deeper level that this look is truly a part of who I am!
Many pieces comes from the DAY HOME Collection itself which makes it quite easy to create this look on your own!

Myself have decided to go for it and this time -without any doubts- continue until my rooms are completely done.

Leaving with hopes you´ve enjoyed this home just as much as I did and very much so, Still do!


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  1. Hallå Tina Underbart att höra att jag inte är ensam i min "inrednings schitzofreni". Tycker precis som du att Day Home stylen är ursnygg .Men i alla fall ... Nej du har rätt det går faktiskt att blanda. Kram Bitte

  2. Ja absolut! Alskar denna avslappnade elegans i svart och vitt. Klassiskt och tidlost med plats for personlig pragel och spontanitet.
    Den dar sang gaveln ar underbar!

    Ska bli roligt att fa se ditt hem vaxa och formas.

    Stor kram

  3. It is all that black and white that does it! So you are on the right track with your black cabinet! (Every room needs 1-2 black pieces for added drama).

    I want to see the cabinet!!

    Happy new weekt to you.


  4. Fantastiskt hem! Är också sådan, kan handlöst förälskas i olika stilar men efter ett tag kan jag mer och fundera om det verkligen är jag? Tid, jag behöver lång tid för att stegvis i tanken, bestämma om det verkligen är jag. Därav kan det oftast stanna hemma, vad gäller inredningen för jag kan inte bestämma mig. Men en sak tror jag dock, att för mig passar en vit bas för att kunna kombinera och ändra färgsättningen ganska vilt. för jag tröttnar fort. Ha en underbar vecka och tack för ett inspirerande inlägg! Kram Jenny

  5. Good morning Tina, I left a little present for you there at CASA, I offer to you and your lovely blog two stamps ... kiss

  6. I agree with Mon. You are on the right track, Tina. Every rooms needs some drama. Wish you a lovely & creative new week. Hugs

  7. I love this home-very dramatic and mysterious! I'd so love to see your black cabinet and I'm thrilled that you're going ahead without any doubts and decorating your rooms. I know they'll be fab and you must show a pic of your black cabinet!:-). I'm still unpacking and so tired, but i took a tiny break so i could pop in to say hi. I hope you're having an awesome week! XX

  8. Ååh, ännu fler inspirerande hem att titta på. Vita hem tilltalar mig. Bor själv i ett sådant. Men översta bilden fastnade jag för! Jättefint!!!
    Ha det gott! Kramar till dig.

  9. I love the eclectic look as well and enjoyed that gorgeous home tour at well...so visually restful, yet chic! Also looking forward to seeing your living/dining room painted in a grey-blue...I am sure it's going to be gorgeous!

  10. Min härliga vän Tina, TACK för dina ALLTID så
    goa ord hos mig....:)
    Jag blir sååå glad, och det stärker....:)
    En dag ska jag göra en svart-vit figur till dig, jag lovar....:)
    KRAMAR till dig, Cia:)

  11. Great photos! The first is so boho i love it! I also LOVE Peach & Precious! Too adorable!

  12. Känner igen mig alltför väl... det är så otroligt svårt att bestämma sig för en stil och sen köra på den. Men det är väl det som är roligt och utvecklande att man aldrig stagnerar och hela tiden vill vidare. Vilka vackra kuddar det var i soffan på översta bilden, härliga färgklickar. Man längtar mer och mer efter färg nu när våren är på antågande.

  13. Hi Tina...I'm hosting a giveaway if you're interested, it's kinda girly, in the sense that only girls can wear it! xx Danielle