24 jan. 2011

A Spiritual Journey...

A few years ago, after some difficulties in life, I began to discover something new and exciting. It was the spiritual part of me breaking through and I slowly began to walk on what I would like to call 'A spiritual path'.

Believe it or not, it all started with the movie 'The Secret'. My guess is that most of you either have seen it, read it och at least heard of it!?
I was swept away and felt so inspired. Deep down inside I instantly knew this was how it all was put together, this was the answer to almost everything, this was how Universe was designed for Us to be.

 Michael Del Piero

Actually that trailer still gives me goose bumps all over my body, I can feel some really great power and positive energy coming right through me.
Soon I realized though, it was not really that simple as the movie has shown me or the book was trying to teach me. I had a lot to learn about being spiritual(a part of me I had absolutely no contact with so far) and some major changes really had to take place.

Yet, this particular film opened up a new world to me and I have by now discovered so many authors and spiritual leaders, books, movies, stories and blogs I would never have heard of otherwise and that is something I´m really grateful for!

In my bookshelves today you´ll find not only books about interior design and architecture-my passions in life- but also lots and lots of books about spirituality, all in different ways. There is so much wisdom and things to be learned in these books and by these authors- Neale Donald Walsh, Ester & Jerry Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, Gary Zukav, Matthew Kelly, Brandon Bays, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Bob Proctor- to mention a few. 

I constantly seem to go back and read them over and over again, cause still I have not done changes enough to use this 'Secret'. I´m still learning, every day, doing small progress in some areas, throwbacks in others.

This spiritual journey has also opened my eye for other things like yoga and other deep relaxation techniques(you all know about my bed of nails). Nowdays I´m also only getting my hair done at naturally organic hair saloons and I´m trying my very best to at least this year, be more healthier when it comes to what I´m eating. Because of this I also most certainly have a new passion for oriental elements as a part of a home interior design.

Spiritualism undeniable seems to affect all parts in life and for me there´s yet so much more to discover, I´m only at the very beginning of this.

If you feel yourself being on a spiritual path or only feeling a bit curious I highly recommend you go visit down below blog, Zen Habits.

It was the so talanted girl over at 'Design Elements' (click here to check her blog out, it´s so stunning!) who first brought my attention to it and I would love to give her a big Thank You for sharing not only some really amazing interior design inspirational posts, but also the one about Zen Habits with all of us others yet, unenlightened seekers out there!

Leo Babauta, founder and author tells that Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It´s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what´s important, create something amazing and find happiness. 

Zen Habits is supposed to be one of the Top 25 blogs in the World(!) so some of you have probably already discovered this amazing place online and for those of you whom haven´t, go visit here and be inspired by all of the wisdom and simple rules of life this man has to tell us about!

Have a great week!


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  1. You know what? I've read the book and saw the movie...and upon reviewing parts of my life, I now believe in the law of attraction. Although sometimes I still get irritated by the little things which of course is forbidden by the book The Secret.
    Love your images.

  2. I haven't seen the film, but heard about it... I think the main 'secret' rule works: it's psychology, it has been proven to be effective.

    After reading your post I feel like seeing the movie, I was discouraged by all the media-advertising chaos before. I was practising taiji and yoga for many years, so I have a lot of respect for Chinese and Indian cultures. There is so much we can learn from them!

    Do you do yoga? I started a new course recently and feel fantastic :)

  3. Hej goa Tina!:)
    Underbara bilder, som inspirerar,och är yoga för ögon och själ.....:)
    För mig som är lite galen i rött,och alltid varit.....Men som älskar så många olika stilar,och att även blanda dem, tittar in hos dig för at njuta av varje bild,med olika detaljer som får mitt inredningshjärta att galoppera.....Du har öga för det fina,och jag vet att ditt hem är/kommer att bli fantastiskt...:)
    KRAMAR till dig,vännen, Cia:)

  4. Kul att du vill vara följare i min blogg och jag är glad att jag fann dig i bloggvärlden. Hur, kommer jag inte ihåg och det spelar ingen roll. Det är alltid spännande att titta in här hos dig. Det är alltid vackra bilder och så även denna gång. Man blir helt enkelt inspirerad. Det tycker jag om. Tack, rara du.
    Kram till dig!

  5. i am going to CHECk this movie out right now - this is TOTALLLLLLY up my ally! - you have NO idea - GREAT POST love!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  6. Tina, this is my fave post of yours. Love books and especilly spiritual books. You mention really good authors. I've read some of them. I've read every book of E. Tolle. The way you wrote this post is wonderful. Hope you inspire other people to read some of these authors and to live happier. I'm reading a good book now: "The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World". Thanks for mentioning me. btw: I do yoga too :-) Huge hugs to you

  7. Hi Tina,
    I haven't seen the movie, but i've heard about it. You listed some great authors too. Spiritual growth is always something i strive for and it's an ongoing process. Creating zen in ones home is such a great way of facilitating calm and peace. Inspiring post and thanks for the intro to the new blog-i'll have to check it out. Happy Monday to you. XX

  8. I too am trying to live a healthier, more organic and zen life...heading over to check out the sight. Thanks for the inspiration ~

  9. Hello Tina,

    You must be one of the friendliest bloggers out there. Your positive attititue is contagious!

    Stunning images.

    Jag tror absolut paa vaerdslig energi. Och jag kan ge dig maanga exempel paa fantastiska saker som haent i mitt liv enligt "law of attraction". Gillade personligen inte boken "The Secret". Tyckte att den var foer girig. Det handlar inte bara om att ta. Men ocksaa att ge. Och att ge "without strings.

    Du faar komma och haelsa paa i Seattle. Jag gaar baade paa Hot Yoga och min haarsalong aer all organic. Och du kommer att gilla mina haerliga vaenner haer!

    Kram till dig. Och tack foer alla dina givande och haerliga kommentarer.


  10. I havent yet seen the movie. Yet, like others I have heard about it. Spiritual growth is one of the most important aspects of life. ALthough its a personal journey, corporately we all should walk together. What an amazing post. I will certainly be a follower to get more inspirational daily readings from you.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  11. 'The Secret' is a very powerful book to incorporate into ones life. I believe in the 'law of attraction' and also in 'karma'.
    It is so important to find spiritual substance and to try to live a 'holistic life' where the material and the spiritual elements are in balance.

    The authors on your list are wonderful and I have read several of their works. And every day I receive an email by Bob Proctor with an uplifting and thought provoking story or statement.

    I love living my life with the aim of passing on good energy and recently started doing little 'good deeds'.. Basically I step in and help a complete stranger in an unexpected and genuine way. I ensure I exude as much love and positive energy as I can possibly master when I do it and at the end I ask them not to thank me but to 'pass on the good energy' and do a similar deed to another stranger.
    The idea is of course to create a ripple effect that will help make the world a little brighter and happier. Can you imagine the impact if everyone did this every day..! :)

    Before I go into 'essay mode' here (sorry..).. Thank you for the link. I am not familiar with the blog but look forward to exploring it further.

    Stor jatte kram till dig.

    Charlotta xx

    P.S. Skriver tillbaks till dig snart min van. Tanker mycket pa dig och ar sa tacksam for att du delade med dig sa oppet. Extra kram

  12. Wow Jag är glad att du lämnade en kommentar hos mig för nu har jag hälsat på hos dig och din blogg har nu en given plats i mitt blogg hjärta.
    Jag har "addat" dig på min blogglista.
    Må så gott

  13. Vilket härligt blogginlägg och så underbart att du delar med dig av dig själv. Måste säga att jag har ungefär samma blandning där hemma i mina bokhyllor, eller rättare sagt. I mina inslängda högar med böcker i garderoben har jag inredningsböcker blandat med spirituella böcker. Det finns massor mer att upptäcka och man utvecklas otroligt mycket som människa genom att få kontakt med det spirituella.
    Önskar dig lycka till och en trevlig helg

  14. What a beautiful post Tina, your words, the images, everything! I have read the book and I keep it next to my bed for easy reference. I agree with all you have said and Charlotta's words above resonate with me too.

  15. hej! va fint du skriver, och så mycket stämmer med mitt liv! jag läser också Hicks om-och-om-igen, och älskar the Secret, även om den inte riktigt förklarar allt (enligt min mening). jag ska kolla på zen habits för mer inspiration :)

    en annan sak: kan inte du gästa på min blogg? Jag håller på att samla en serie med bloggvänners hem, eller delar av hem; myshörnan, borduppsättningen, vad som helst som gör att man älskar sitt hem. Dela med mig och mina läsare!?!

    jag ska posta Sarahs hemtur imorgon, kom gärna förbi och titta :)

    och om du vill delta, skicka gärna mail till mig: parviainen.tiina()gmail.com