31 dec. 2010

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a girl who decided to start blogging about her passion in life. She felt very excited and was really looking foward to share her interest for design, home decor, architecture and renovation projects with the rest of the world.

Unfortunately her efforts did not seem to pay off very well and after several months with no feedback from the rest of the blogging world she decided to give it up and put 'Komma hem' to rest for a while...

Blogging had become very emotional and maybe it was not such a good idea after all. Instead she decided to put all of her focus on the renovation of her home...

During spring 2010 she couldn´t resist to make a little post about something and in June something suddenly happened!
She started to reach out to new readers and let me tell you, those were not just any readers...

Suddenly she had a range of successful blogging girls whom became loyal followers, leaving loving and supportive comments...

And the rest is history...
Ever since some truly amazing people has entered my life and my blog has slowly started to attach new readers. I appriciate each and every one of you and feel so grateful for your support during the year!

I love design in all areas and blogging gives me the opportunity to devote my time and passion into something I really love. All thanks to 'The fabolous 4- Charlotta, Mon, Stacey and Sue.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Sköna hem

2010- Top 10 

New Readers/Followers

We heart it


Blog Award

In August I received my very first Blog Award- 'The Super Comments Award' from Charlotta.I felt sooo proud and excited!

Blog Award...
Give and you will receive...

I´ve been given a Blog Award(my very first one, I´m so excited) from lovely Charlotta from Space For Inspiration.

This girl is really something. Since she entered my world a few weeks ago, positive things really have started to happen. I dont´t know how to thank her enough. She´s the best!


Now, since I´ve been given this award, besides posting the blog award icon on the blog and link back to the person who gave me the award(look further up), I have to answer 10 questions and hopefully you´ll get to know a little bit more about me!
Read full post here.

Style searching
During 2010 I was really struggling to find my own personal style and went on a very interesting journey.
Read more here.

Nuevo Estilo

Movie inspiration
I often find interior design inspiration in movies. Re-watching the movie 'Out of Africa' made me thrilled over both the life of Karen Blixen and her colonial inspired home.
'The September Issue' and 'Psycho'(re-watched this one as well) became other great sources of interior design inspiration this year.

More Awards
In October I received my second Blog Award from lovely Stacey.
Again I felt chosen, proud, happy and grateful.

Thank you so much!

My first design piece
In the year of 2010 I bought my very first real designer classic- The wassily chair designed by Marcel Breuer. Furniture created by great designers of the 20th centrury has a very special place in my heart and I feel so proud of this one.

First Giveaway ever
In December I was hosting my very first Giveaway here at Komma hem.
10 of you signed up for the little design piece from the ittala Alvar Aalto collection.
Thank you for your support!

 Rinze van Brug


Of course I have to put all of your loving, funny, inspiring(!) posts on this list as well.
This one down below, posted by Erika over at Tiptoe Butterfly is so one of my absolute funny favourite ones:)!

X-mas- posts
I was so happy to see the popularity of my X-mas posts.
I guess it was worth all the time and effort after all:)...

Sköna hem

A new start
I would like to end this post wishing all of you A Happy New Year!
Now is the time to really start over, tonight we all get a fresh new start!
Let´s leave all of the bad and sad things behind, let´s make 2011 a good year, as good as it possibly can get.
I know that we all have things in our life we wish could be different!
Still, let´s make the best of what is!
Lets´s make the best of our lives!

Sending all my love to all of you out there!

8 kommentarer:

  1. I'm a new follower!
    Thanks for giving me a lovely "new to me" blog to read.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy new year, Tina! Wishing you an amazing year full with love and happiness. It's great you didn't give up blogging. So I get to "know" you. Your post is wonderful!

  3. And even more love coming back your way, wonderful Tina!

    I just stopped by to say hello, and to say that I am slowly waking up from my long holiday sleep... And to come back to this! Thank you. I am very proud to be part of the fab 4. But it should really be five - include yourself!

    I rememeber when I first heard from you. You were researching something and just stumbled upon my blog. All those little "meetings" in life happen for a reason.

    Love to you and cheers to many more fun blog days! (No giving up anything without talking to me first!).


  4. Lovely post. Blogging is definitely a rites of passage and can be as exciting as disappointing. Lovely to see how a few people have turned your blog around. x

  5. Your post brought tears to my eyes! When i first started to read it, i was dreading the worst; i thought you were giving up on blogging! You can never do that!:-) We closed on our house yesterday and we'e staying with a friend until our new home is completed. Life has been hectic, but exciting! Much love to you too my sweet and Happy New Year! XX

  6. Hello lovely one!
    What a wonderful welcome back post! I have just about brushed the sand off my feet, having pretty much 'lived' outside in heavenly Shoal Bay since the end of December.

    I feel very honoured to be one of your 'fab four' - and in such great company. These girls are my close blog friends and it doesn't surprise me that they love you too. They have great taste!!

    Am very behind all my 'blog reading' since we've been away, and will need a little longer before I catch up properly.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs.

    xx Charlotta

  7. This is so sweet. And so true. It is amazing how just a few connections can change your entire blogging experience. Here's to a wonderful 2011!

  8. ... and speaking of connections, here's a new venture started by Doreen of Style Maniac and two neighbors, Lee & Barbara, who became my friends through blogging. Our mutual support for each other's blogs changed so much for us that we began The Blogstress Network. Thought you might be interested.