14 nov. 2010

10 Ways to get inspired...

Hi all!
I hope you´ve had a fantastic weekend so far!? 
With only 2 weeks to first Sunday of Advent my mind has now really started to think about the upcoming Holiday. I have not yet gotten into the holiday spirit but my dear friend Charlotta over at' Space For Inspiration' had a fantastic Christmas post the other day with tons of inspiration and this has given me a ride. 
Charlotta also inspired me to take on and make my very own list of '10 ways to get inspired for Christmas'. So here it comes!


First of all I would like to start with a very basic cleaning of the house.
It might not feel very fun but once its done it feels all faboulous!
Masison Belle Christmas clean is a non-toxic all-purpose household cleaner
suitable for daily cleaning needs. It has a fragrance infused with orange and
cinnamon and will give your home the wonderful scent of Christmas!

Greener by Nature


Those really helps me get into a relaxed and cozy feeling for Christmas!

We heart it

Then I would like to add Mulled wine or 'Glögg' as we call it in Sweden.
This is a must for me to get into the holiday spirit!


Of course there has to be some Christmas music in the background as well.

No.5 on my list would be to put in some Amaryllis.

It´s a good idea to start early to get them into a 'Christmas bloom'!


I have this year started a new tradition in my home.
You see I have for the first time ever designed my very own 'Advent candlestick'.
With some black candles, paint, homemade stencils and a rough steel tray 

made by the spouse the result came out like this...

Find time to make some homemade Christmas sweets.
These peppermint sticks look beautiful and is suppose to taste even better!
Leave them out in a dish when trimming the tree
or relaxing by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa.
Get the recepie here!

Country Living

Start early writing Christmas cards(usually this happens in a last minute hurry).
Oh, and I loved this idea of a perfect Gift frame Christmas card holder.

Pottery Barn

Make plans for this years Christmas tree.
I love the simplicity of this look.

Bright Bazaar


Stroll through the city by yourself and look around for the perfect Christmas gifts.
The stores really knows how to get one into a perfect Holiday mood!

I hope my list have given you at least some tips and inspiration
for the upcoming Holiday!
Have a great Sunday!