24 sep. 2010

Color combo...

I now have a favourite color combination. I actually didn´t know I had one until Erika had me tagged and I had to answer what my favourite color combination was.
I have always liked the contrast between the black and white but was not aware I enjoyed it so much!


Down below some black and white favourite items from My own home...
Pic. 1&2:
I´m so in love with my Marcel Breuer 'Wassily chair'. My best buy ever!
The throw is from Swedish Bolagret.Pic. 3&4:
These items are from IKEA. The pillows are from the 'Stockholm Collection' and the white lamp I found the other day when I was visiting IKEA in Älmhult. It only costs 29:- Swedish Krona. I think it is a real cutie!

Pic. 5&6:
Got my black and white cowhide a few years ago and now I couldn´t live without it. Find it practical and very usefull, easy to carry around and seems to fit everywhere I put it.
Last pic shows another item from IKEA, a designed water pot. Both usefull and nice to look at!

 We heart it

On sunday you´ll find me Guest blogging about 'Autumn' over at lovely, lovely Charlotta Ward´s place 'Space for Inspiration'. Check it out if you are interested!
Charlotta is such an inspiration and I recommend you head over there either way! Click on the banner! 

See you later all of you beautiful people out there!