26 aug. 2010

Don´t stop Believing...

OMG I love this song- The message and The amazing story behind it(Read more here) and would like to dedicate this to my Mom- going through a difficult time.

And of course, a 'happy Friday' to the rest of you lovely readers out there!


5 kommentarer:

  1. I love this song.Happy Friday to you too(although it's not yet Friday here:-)). xoxo

  2. My dear, dear daughter!
    It is a wonderful rock ballad!!I am sitting at my desk, looking out, the sun is shining from a blue heaven, blackbirds are jumping on the lawn and once again I listen to Arnel Peneda´s special voice. What a good start this Friday!
    Many hugs from Mother

  3. I saw them on Oprah!
    The lead singer is truly amazing!!

  4. Tears in my eyes..!

    Jag tanker pa er Tina. Pa dig och din mamma och pa allt ni gar igenom. Jag vet hur det kanns. Min pappa ar sjuk sedan manga ar.
    Fick ditt fina email idag. Har precis kommit tillbaks fran en vildmarks helg. Bodde lang uppe i bergen och kanner mig avslappnad anda in i sjalen. Skriver till dig snart.

    x Charlotta